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Without their help, this Memorial would not exist:


-          My wife, Mrs Nathalie LOUIS

-          My parents, Claude and Annie LOUIS

-          My cousins Claude and Marie-José ANTHEAUME

-          My parents in law, Marcel et Yvonne MONTRASI

The community and inhabitants of Saint Vaast:

-          Mr and Mrs Paul BOREL

-          Mr and Mrs Gabriel BROT

-          Mr and Mrs Jacques DORMEUIL

-          Mr and Mrs Bertrand DORMEUIL

-          Mr and Mrs DUBOSC

-          Mr and Mrs Yves LESTONNAT

-          Mrs POIRON RIVIERE

-          Mrs MARIE and Mrs POUCHAIN

-          Mr and Mrs Albert RAAB and their son

My friends from France:

-          Mrs Marthe RAMBAUD, without whom there would have been nothing

-       Pierre-Yves MARTIN QUIENNE

-          Arnaud and Sylvie VILLENEUVE

-          Les amis du Mont Canisy, Jean LAURENT and Jean-Loup CLAUDE

-          Frederic BEATRIX, for our long talks prior to the setting up of the Memorial every Tuesday evening  at Willenhall…drinking a G…..SS


My British and Canadian friends:

-          Dale and Lenore LA CROIX, Sergeant George LA CROIX ’s son, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

-          Mrs Arlene MASON, Sergeant George LA CROIX ’s daughter, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

-          Mr George ROBERTSON, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, who helped me so much…

-          Mr Douglas BROWN, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,

-          1st Canadian Parachute Bat. Association, Mr Jan De Vries, President of the 1st Canadian Para Bat. Association

-          Colonel Gary H. RICE (Ret.), cousin of RSM W.J. CLARK, writer of PARATROOPER, the story of the 1st Canadian Para Bat. first Regimental Sergeant Major


-          Michael and Nanette DAISLEY,  Captain DAISLEY ’s son

-          John et Marie EASBY, Douglas DAVIS’ best friend, for all they’ve done and given to the Memorial

-          Mrs June HUGHES, Thomas HUGHES’ daughter, and Lieutenant HUGHES’ niece

-          Mr Thomas HUGHES, Lieutenant HUGHES’ brother, who left us too quickly…

-          Mrs Marjorie DANSON, Lieutenant HUGHES’ niece

-          Marjorie et Cliff HODGSON, Lieutenant HUGHES’ cousin

-          Mr and Mrs Alan STANLEY, Gunner Douglas STANLEY ’s nephew

-          Rear Admiral Michael POPE, Major POPE ’s brother

-          Mr John LITSON, Sergeant Daniel PHILLIPS’ brother in law

-          Mrs Christie MITCHELL, Private John ALDRED ’s niece

-          Mrs Barbara MASON, S/Sgt Leslie RIDING ‘s niece, from Australia

-          Fred and Julie BOX, William WHITNEY ’s nephew


-          Doctor Tony LEAKE who has done so much for the lost soldiers of D-Day

-          Ellis ‘Dixie’ DEAN, 13th Parachute Battalion, who helped me so much….


-          Mr Craig HUGHES, without him, it would have been impossible to trace Lt Hughes’ family

-          Mr Len WRIGHT, Glider Pilot, S/Sgt Leslie RIDINGS ’s best friend

-          Dr W.E. CHURCH, a medical officer who was with Major POPE when he died

-          Mr Fred CORRY, Glider Pilot, who knew S/Sgt Colin HOPGOOD, and Sgt Daniel PHILLPS

-          Ken HARDING, who was in the gun crew of the Hamilcar, and was taken prisoner at Saint Vaast

-          Mr Ronald HARRIS, the co-pilot of the Hamilcar Glider, and taken prisoner near Pont L’Eveque

-          Mr Bill MILLS, 9th Parachute Battalion



-          Mrs Sandra BARROW,Wolverhampton College, for the motivation she gave me

-          The archaeology group, Wolverhampton College, in  particular,  Annie SAUNDERS, my tutor

The media:


-          OUEST FRANCE, Mr CARDON, who has always been here

-          BBC Radio Lancashire : Richard, who has done so much


-          The Express & Star which helped to find Bombardier WHITNEY ’s family



I also thank all the people I have involuntary forgotten to mention

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