Text Box:  The Drop of Lt Alfred HUGHES 



The circumstances of the drop, and the events leading to Lieutenant HUGHES’ death are not known.

He was intended to drop into D.Z. ‘V’, varaville which was the dropping zone for the 9th Para Battalion.

There are two possibilities for his drop at Saint Vaast en Auge:

-1- like Major POPE’s aircraft, the pilot perhaps made a mistake.

-2- like Sergeant LA CROIX, the aircraft was perhaps hit by the Flak…

We haven’t been able to find another para of the same stick to confirm.


There were several 9th Para Bat. casualties in the Saint vast En Auge vicinity:


6008541        CSM Albert DAVIES                       aged 32

6216556        Pvte George WHITE                       aged 21

4801546        Pvte Douglas HARNESS              aged 24

14410471      Pvte Kenneth LITTLE                    aged 19


They were probably with Lieutenant Alfred HUGHES on that fateful night.