Text Box:  Alfred HUGHES




Alfred Hughes was born on 26th January 1916. He was from Preston, Lancs.


He was a serious boy, very quiet and articulate. He went to Christ Church school in Preston, and also sang in a choir at Christ Church, which adjoined the school. He was a member of the church scout group which he enjoyed enormously. That’s where his leadership qualities  were formed. He liked nature and drawing particularly Pen drawing. After passing his scholarship exam, he went to Preston Grammar School exelling in most subjects. It was there he gained his knowledge of French which he spoke fluently.


After leaving school, he went to work at a GentlemanTailors in Preston. But he was quickly transferred to Cardiff in Wales. There he joined the Territorial Army, at the same time. He was also trying to join the Palestine or Rhodesian Police. The war broke out and he joined the Royal Armoured Corp.


He was at Dunkirk, but made it out then when they asked volunteers for the Paras, he joined the 9th Para Battalion.


Alfred Hughes was married to Violet Hughes. They had no Children. They were living 54 Caroline Street South, Fishwick Parade, Preston.


After the war Violet remarried, had two daughters, but died very young at the age of 38 in 1956.