6th Airborne Division, Normandy Landings

6th June 1944


Divisional Headquarters

GOC                                                                                         Major General Richard GALE

ADC                                                                                         Captain Tom HAUGHTON

AA&QMG                                                                                  Lt-Col Shamus HICKIE

ADMS                                                                                       Lt-Col M. Mac EWAN

GSO1 (Air)                                                                                Lt-Col W. BRADISH

GSO1 (Ops)                                                                              Lt-Col Bobby BRAY

GSO2 (Ops)                                                                              Major David BAIRD

GSO2 (Int)                                                                                 Major Gerry LACOSTE

GSO3 (Ops)                                                                              Captain M. SPURLING

GSO3 (Int)                                                                                 Captain J. MAX

GSO3 (Air)                                                                                Captain Nick PRATT


3rd Parachute Brigade

CO                                                                                           Brigadier James HILL

1st Canadian Para Bn                                                                  Lt-Col George BRADBROOKE

8th Para Bn                                                                                Lt-Col Alastair PEARSON

9th Para Bn                                                                                Lt-Col Terence OTWAY


5th Parachute Brigade

CO                                                                                           Brigadier Nigel POETT

7th Para Bn                                                                                Lt-Col Geoffrey PINE-COFFIN

12th Para Bn                                                                              Lt-Col Johnny JOHNSON

13th Para Bn                                                                              Lt-Col Peter LUARD


6th Air landing Brigade

CO                                                                                           Brigadier Hon Hugh KINDERSLEY

Deputy                                                                                      Colonel Reggie PARKER

1st Bn Royal Ulster Rifles                                                            Lt-Col R. CARSON

2nd Bn Ox  & Bucks                                                                    Lt-Col Michael ROBERTS

12th Bn Devon                                                                            Lt-Col Dick Stevens


22nd Independent Parachute Company (Pathfinders)


CO                                                                                           Major Francis LENNOX-BOYD




6th Airborne Division Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment

CO                                                                                           Lt-Col Godfrey STEWART


6th Airborne Divisional Signals Company

CO                                                                                           Lt-Col D. SMALLMAN-TEW


 6th Airborne Division Provost Company                                  Captain IRWIN


Intelligence Corps

317th  Fd Security Sec                                                                Captain F.G. Mac MILLAN


Royal Army Medical Corps

195th  Air landing Field Ambulance                                               Lt-Col Bill ANDERSON

224th Para Field Ambulance                                                        Lt-Col D.H. THOMPSON

225th Para Field Ambulance                                                        Lt-Col Bruce HARVEY


Royal Army Ordnance Corps

6th Airborne Div Ord Fld Pk                                                          Major W.L. TAYLOR


Royal Army Service Corps

CRASC                                                                                     Lt-Col J. WATSON

63rd Airborne Div Comp Coy                                                        Major A. BILLE-TOP

398th Airborne Comp Coy                                                            Major M. PHIPPS

716th Airborne Lt Comp Coy                                                        Major A. JONES


Royal Artillery

CRA                                                                                         Lt-Col Jack NORRIS

2nd Air landing Lt AA Bty                                                             Major W.ROWAT

2nd Forward Observation Unit                                                       Major Harry RICE

3rd Air landing A Tk Bty                                                               Major W. CRANMER

4th Air landing A Tk Bty                                                               Major T. DIXON

53rd Worcestershire Yeomanry

CO                                                                               Lt-Col Tony TEACHER

210th Air landing Lt Bty                                                   Major Hon C. RUSSELL

211th Air landing Lt Bty                                                   Major Tim CRAIGIE

212th Air landing Lt Rgt                                                   Major Matt GUBBINS


Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

CREME                                                                                    Lt-Col R. POWDITCH

6th Airborne Div. Workshop                                                          Major E.B. BONNIWELL


Royal Engineers

CRE                                                                                         Lt-Col Frank H. LOWMAN

3rd Para Sqn RE                                                                         Major Tim ROSEVEARE

591st Para Sqn RE                                                                     Major P.A. WOOD

249th Fd Coy                                                                              Major A.H. RUTHERFORD

286th Fd Coy                                                                              Major Jack H. WATERS


The Glider Pilot Regiment

N.1 Wing GPR                                                                           Lt-Col Ian A. MURRAY

N.2 Wing GPR                                                                           Lt-Col P. GRIFFITHS





1st Special Service Brigade

CO                                                                                           Brigadier The Lord LOVAT

3rd Commando                                                                           Lt-Col Peter C. YOUNG

6th Commando                                                                           Lt-Col Derek MILLS-ROBERTS

45th Royal Marine Commando                                                      Lt-Col Charles RIES


4th Special Service Brigade

CO                                                                                           Brigadier B.W. LEICESTER

Text Box:  41st Royal Marine Commando                                                      Lt-Col E.C.E. PALMER

46th Royal Marine Commando                                                      Lt-Col C.R. HARDY

47th Royal Marine Commando                                                      Lt-Col C.F. PHILIPPS

48th Royal Marine Commando                                                      Lt-Col J.C. MOULTON